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About Us

Hello, my name is Sophia and I’ve been providing psychic readings for over 15+ years by spiritual gifts including clairvoyance. That means I have the gift of sight, whether it be dreams or visions sent to me from guardian angels and spirit guides.

Clairaudience, meaning I have the gift of sound, I can hear messages from the spirit world telepathically. I have connections with others who aren’t around or are at a great distance. Clairsentience, meaning I can feel things that a typical person cannot, I could pick up on energies, vibes, emotions and feelings with people, animals and even spirits. I offer one free question to new clients because I know one reading with me will leave you with satisfaction.

Comfort, clarity and peace of mind with every reading. I never judge and all readings are 100% confidential. There is no question I can’t answer and you can be sure to end your conversation with direct knowledge and all of your questions resolved. I am looking forward to speaking with your love and light.

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